Day 107: A Few Things about Me

I am an INFP but I’m more of an ambivert than introvert.  My introversion and extroversion are based on my surroundings, the situation, the people around me.  With friends in a casual setting, I am extremely extroverted.  Most people are surprised that I do identify as introverted in most situations.  I hate talking on the phone for some reason.  I much prefer texts and emails.  If there is a disagreement of some sort, I prefer to deal with it face to face.  And I want to get it settled ASAP.  I don’t want it to drag out and flare up from time to time.  I have always had more male friends than female.  Maybe it comes from growing up a tomboy eschewing dolls for dirt bikes and sports.  I have remained friends with every person that I have ever dated except for one.  I am a very loyal friend.  I’m a bit witchy and a lot superstitious.  My laptop is surrounded by crystals and stones and there are a ton more in the bedroom.  I have just about every essential oil that you can find and afford.  As far as being witchy, I believe that a spell is the setting of an intention so whether it truly is magic or it’s just the fact that you put that intention and affirmation out into the universe and then work towards it…if it works for you, go for it.  I don’t know whether crystals and stones have been imbued with magical powers/energy or whether, once again, the belief and intention make them magical but, again, if it works for you…use it.  Do I believe in things like hexes?  If someone hexes you, I think that you have to believe in the hex for it to work…your mind makes the hex real…not the actual hex.  I believe that our minds are very capable of making things happen.  Belief is a powerful thing.  I read Tarot cards and I’m good at it.  In my 20’s and 30’s, I would sometimes read for money and I had friends that would have me read for them before making any big decisions.  I honestly don’t know how many Tarot and Oracle card decks I have…at least 40 yet 99% of the time I read using my Rider-Waite cards which was the very first deck of Tarot cards I bought.  Pretty much everything about me is eclectic…books, movies, music, art, friendships, beliefs, my Magical Writing Haven, etc…  I get bored with the same old thing over and over.  I like lots of bright colors but purple is my absolute favorite and I like to pair it with red.  I make jewelry, cards, candles, bath bombs, and salts as well as write.  I love electronics…computers, gadgets, gaming consoles, phones, tablets, streaming devices, etc…  I always need/want the latest toy.  I love animals of all kinds.  I care for a colony of feral cats at work and I feed ferals and strays at home.  We just adopted our sixth cat who was formerly feral and we have 3 dogs.  All of our animals were either surrendered by previous owners or feral.  I drive around with 50lbs each of cat and dog food.  I am extremely liberal and open-minded.  I don’t care if someone is straight, gay, bi, trans or doesn’t identify with any of those.  I also don’t care what your race or religious beliefs are.  If you are a good person with a conscience, we’re good.  I support gay marriage and gay adoption because you love who you love and if you have enough love for a child or children, then adopt.  Who or how we love is no one’s business but our own.  I grew up around guns, own a gun, and I was an expert marksman in high school on the ROTC rifle team, but I believe very strongly that our current gun laws are woefully inadequate and endanger innocent people’s lives.  I love Obama and despise Trump.  I voted for Hillary.  My husband voted for Trump…we do not discuss politics for the sake of our marriage.  He voted for Trump because he hated Hilary and even worse, he doesn’t regret it.  I am the only liberal in my family aside from my daughter-in-law and granddaughter.  I am also the only liberal at my job.  Both of my parents died from Alzheimer’s as well as a grandmother, 2 aunts and an uncle.  I am terrified that I will develop it as well. I like silver jewelry better than gold and other gemstones better than diamonds.  I’m an Aries but because I was born a week late and would have been a Pisces had I been born on time, I identify with Pisces.  Actually, I am a pretty equal mixture of Aries and Pisces.  I am not overly happy at my job but I am almost 59 and do not want to start over somewhere…if I could even get hired.  There are perks at my current job…I can pretty much come and go as I need to, I have decent insurance that’s more affordable than a lot of people’s, after 15 years there, I have 3 weeks of paid vacation, 40 hours of sick time and a floating holiday.  The job is challenging and that makes the days go by more quickly.  I get to wear my Brooks sneakers and jeans every day.  I’m only about 15 minutes from home on backroads.  So I think that as long as they don’t lay me off at some point, I’ll stay.  I also really like naps and I think that I will call it a blog and go take one right now.  I was up too late last night and up too early this morning so I’m a little tired.  I hope that after getting to know me a little better, you still stick around.  If not, I understand.                         

About Donna Heilman

I am a writer that lives in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex with my husband, 2 dogs, and 10 cats. I am currently working on my novel, Rapture, as well as writing poetry and some short non-fiction. I am honestly writing this blog to feel more connected with other creative people.
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