Day 121 (WordPress says I’ve already posted 120 times so, obviously, I’ve doubled up on a number somewhere so I’m correcting that here): Lovely Dreary Day

I am one of those strange people that loves a dreary day…especially if it’s not cold out there.  It’s 61° outside right now.  And, as a side note, after several freezing days, we have a serious warming trend going on over the next five days (highs 71, 80, 75, and 77) and then, in typical Texas fashion, we will have thunderstorms on Thursday as a cold front moves in and the temperature will drop on Friday to 45°/35° with snow showers.  The old joke here is that if you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait a minute.  Actually, it’s not so much a joke as it is the truth.  I remember one winter day when I was pretty young and we were outside playing in shorts and then, a few hours later, it was snowing.  I don’t how many Thanksgivings and Christmases we had where we wore shorts or at least lightweight clothing.  We usually go years between what we in Texas consider to be significant winter events which usually means lots of icy roads and very little snow.  But 8 or 9 years ago, when we hosted the Superbowl, that changed.  We had over a foot of snow (see photo) as well as very icy treacherous roads and dangerously low temperatures.  The DFW (Dallas – Ft. Worth) Metroplex shut down hard.  ACT, where I work, was shut down for a little over a week.  That wasn’t completely because of the of driving conditions though…our customers, utilities construction companies…couldn’t work because of the temperatures.  The thing that I remember most was going out at night and it was just so completely and totally quiet.  I had never experienced that before.  And it was so beautiful.  It lasted for five full days.  Then the temperatures rose and life became busy and noisy again but I will always carry that silence within me.  Maybe that’s why I like the dreary days so much.  They make me more contemplative and I seem to daydream more too.  They put me in a poetry writing mood.  But at the same time, they make me want to nap.  I am fighting that today because I have my sleep study tonight and I want to sleep well for my neurologist.  Sleep studies are interesting in that they take you out of your home sleep environment then wire you up, literally, from the top of your head to your ankles.  They record video and audio of you sleeping as well.  If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom, you bang three times on the headboard and they will come and hang the big box that your wires feed into around your neck so that you can move about freely.  It takes about thirty minutes or so for them to wire you up initially.  I will say that my doctor has very nice bedrooms to do the study in…very much like the bedroom in a nice hotel.  There’s an extremely comfy bed with nice pillows, a very comfortable chair to sit in while you wait for the study to begin after being wired up, wi-fi, cable TV, DVD player, etc…, to entertain yourself with during that time.  So the whole thing, in spite of the wires, is actually pretty nice.  The part about waking me up at 6:00am is kind of rude though.  They need a certain amount of hours where you are asleep in order to be able to see patterns so if you need to sleep longer to achieve that, they leave you alone.  I just hope that they let me keep my oral appliance rather than switching me to a CPAP machine.  But as long as l never have to do the MSLT (Multiple Sleep Latency Test) again for my narcolepsy, I’m all good.  As I’m sure I’ve said before in some other post, for people that do not have narcolepsy, it’s just a nice series of thirty-minute naps every two hours.  For narcoleptics, it a KGB torture session.  After about three of those little naps, you could probably get all kinds of information out of me.  So I guess that I would not be a good secret agent candidate.  After so many short posts lately because of work, it appears that my brain is rambling.  It’s missed spilling its guts upon the page.  This really is pretty cheap therapy.  WordPress should start advertising it as such.  But it’s also a good way for people to see that they aren’t the only ones with minds that ramble or have sleep issues or have doubts, trials, and tribulations when it comes to their writing or life in general, etc….  I like reading blogs because so many times I feel a connection to the writer whether they write about creativity, childhood, traumas suffered and survived or a hundred other topics.  Some make me think while others make me laugh or cry.  And that’s good for us…very cathartic, just as our own writing is for us and others.  So let it flow whether it’s straight from the brain, heart, or gut.  Get it out here for yourself and others.  It’s just a good thing to do.   

“Sometimes when we weep in the movies we weep for ourselves for a life unlived.  Or we even go to the movies because we want to resist the emotion that’s there in front of us.  I think that there is always a catharsis that I look for and that makes the movie experience worthwhile.” ~ Edward Zwick            

About Donna Heilman

I am a writer that lives in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex with my husband, 2 dogs, and 10 cats. I am currently working on my novel, Rapture, as well as writing poetry and some short non-fiction. I am honestly writing this blog to feel more connected with other creative people.
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